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Protecting tech startups and wealth during divorce

Technology seems as if it is advancing faster and faster every day. Entrepreneurs in California are taking advantage of this fast-paced environment to found tech startups or even to invest in promising companies. This is an exciting time in the tech world, but many people are heading straight into it without taking any precautions. For example, few startup founders consider what might happen to their companies and wealth during divorce.

How a postnuptial agreement can help in marriage and divorce

Most people in California understand what a prenuptial agreement is. Signed before getting married, these powerful family law tools can protect individuals and their personal assets should they end up divorcing. However, not everyone is familiar with postnuptial agreements or why these documents may be helpful for new parents.

Does socioeconomic status predict divorce?

Common knowledge holds that marital satisfaction will start off high, only to dip over the years following the wedding. New research indicates that there may be hidden factors influencing marital satisfaction. This means that being dissatisfied in marriage might not be dependent on socioeconomic status. This status could be an unexpected predictor of satisfaction and the likelihood of divorce.

Parents should include taxes in custody agreements

When ending a marriage, parents usually have a significant number of things on their minds. From determining child custody to working out both child and spousal support, it is easy for some important matters to slip through the cracks. Since taxes are usually not on people's minds during the fall, California parents may overlook who gets to claim children as dependents on federal tax returns.

Protecting credit scores during divorce

Credit scores determine much of what a person has access to. From securing an auto loan to finding reasonable housing, credit scores can either help or hinder an individual get to where he or she wants to be. For these reasons, California couples might be worried about filing for divorce. While the divorce process does not affect credit scores, actions taken during and after certainly can.

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