It might be tempting to post on your social media about the accident you were just involved in. Maybe you even want to post a photo of your injury. However, it is not a wise move to do so. Documenting your accident with posts and photos on your social media sites can end up being harmful to your personal injury claim.

What you post on social media can actually come back to haunt you and hurt you in the end. Social media can be helpful for many things, but it can also be harmful if used against you. After you have been involved in accident and filed a claim, the other party is going to find ways to discredit you. There are times when you might slip and say things that make you look bad or question your credibility. You might even post something that could contradict your accident statement. This can be especially true when it comes to injuries.

Maybe you have an injury, but then you post photos of yourself on social media doing an activity such as yoga. Or maybe you claim that you are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the accident, but constantly post about being happy. Posts like this on your social media accounts can really ruin your personal injury case. On some social media sites, you can “check-in” to where you are currently at. Be mindful of where you are checking in if you mention issues with mobility in your claim. Insurance companies will use any posts or photos they can against you to decrease your settlement. Many are trained to search social media sites to find posts that will hurt the case. This is why avoiding social media or deactivating your accounts while going through a personal injury claim is a good idea.

Keep in mind that even comments from your family and friends could be used as statements against you, especially if it shows any contradictions or negative impacts to your case. Always watch what you are saying and what others can post.

Social media posts are usually accepted as evidence into many court cases. This means that the other party will be aggressively looking for things on the internet that they can use against you in the case. One thing about social media is that it keeps track of when and where things were posted. This is where posts can be indisputable as evidence since these things are usually very accurate. Even if you think your page is private, there are usually always ways for things to be found. You can try your best to make your social media accounts as private as possible, but don’t be surprised if people will find a way to get around it. You might even think you will be able to avoid posting anything that is relevant to your case. However, there are many ways that things can be misinterpreted and actually used against you in your personal injury case.

The best way to avoid your social media to negatively impact your case is to avoid using social media at all. Even if you need to deactivate your accounts for the time being to prevent you from posting, then at least you know you will be protecting yourself.

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